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Research and Evaluation Services

We offer services covering the whole research and evaluation process.
We can undertake your entire project for you, or just those parts of your project you need our support with.
Our services are summarised below.

Designing and conducting research

We can assist with the entire research cycle from strategy and design, creating research instruments (e.g., survey questions, interview or focus group topic guides, etc.), conducting the research, through to analysing and reporting on the findings, or we can take on any individual element of your research project. We can undertake user or client satisfaction research, stakeholder consultations or desk research.

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Evaluating programmes and initiatives

Our team of highly experienced evaluators can evaluate the implementation and/or impact of initiatives or programmes. We will advise on the best evaluation framework for the project, work with you to identify outcomes and impacts and how these will be measured, carry out the fieldwork and provide you with an accessible and actionable evaluation report.

Data analysis and reporting

We can undertake the analysis and reporting of research and evaluation projects. We use a range of analytical techniques for quantitative (e.g., survey tick-box responses) and qualitative (e.g., survey comments, interview transcripts) data. We provide reporting in a range of accessible and audience-appropriate formats such as briefing papers, presentations, infographics, and full or summary written reports.

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Guiding developments and improvements

Our research and evaluation services can include the identification of strengths and weaknesses in your services, programmes or offering.  We can  evaluate the effectiveness of your programmes and initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and develop recommendations and strategies to enhance your provision and its impacts.

To find out more about how we can help you

We'd love to talk to you about your research and evaluation plans and how we can make them become a reality

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