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About Seymour Research

Seymour Research offers customised research and evaluation services for the education, health and community sectors. We are committed to delivering high-quality results that help our clients make informed decisions.

Seymour Research is run by Director, Kathy Seymour, with help from a team of associates who are all highly experienced research and evaluation professionals.

Meet the Director

Dr Kathy Seymour

I have been a researcher and evaluator since 1997. During my career I've had the privilege of working on a huge variety of projects ranging from high-profile process and impact evaluations for government departments, through to surveys and focus groups to support local schools and community groups.

My skills and expertise cover both quantitative and qualitative research and I'm a highly experienced evaluator. As well as my first degree in social policy, I have a master's degree in research methods and a PhD in education. Before establishing Seymour Research in 2011, I worked for the University of Nottingham, the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) and at two local authorities.

When I'm not working I love running, sea swimming and watching Columbo.

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Meet the Team

Our associates are experienced consultants who join forces with Seymour Research as and when needed. We have a strong track record of working together to successfully deliver projects.

This means we can offer our clients flexibility and allows us to draw upon the right expertise at the right time for your project.

Some of our associates are introduced below.

Seymour Research associate Jenny

Dr Jenny Smith

Jenny has over 20 years’ experience as a researcher, teacher and teacher-trainer in the education sector. She has led complex evaluation (impact and process) and research projects, using a range of methodologies. She has a master’s degree in educational research and a PhD from the University of Hertfordshire.

Seymour Research associate Kathryn

Kathryn Crowther

Kathryn is an experienced researcher with over 15 years' experience of conducting research in the education and skills sectors. She has a vast range of qualitative and quantitative methodological expertise. Kathryn's current research includes work on the use of careers information, tools and data in learners' decision-making.

Seymour Research associate Scott

Scott Owens

Scott has worked in market research for more than 10 years. He is a full member of the Market Research Society and has a PG Diploma in Market Research. Scott specialises in the design, analysis and reporting of quantitative research surveys and has worked with a range of clients in the public, private and academic sectors.

Seymour Research associate Steve

Steve Long

Steve has a master's in mathematics and is accredited as a Chartered Mathematician by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. He has over 20 years’ experience as a statistician and his expertise covers complex quantitative analysis, data analysis and mining, and advanced statistical analysis.

We are always interested in speaking to potential new associates with relevant research experience and qualifications. If you are a freelancer or consultant with a proven track record in social, educational or healthcare research / evaluation  and would like to be included in our pool of  associates, please contact us.

Our mission:
To reveal insight, understanding and clarity

Our Expertise

Our team has expertise in a wide range of research and evaluation methods and techniques. We can design and conduct qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods studies, including surveys, interviews, focus groups and case studies. We are highly experienced at process & impact evaluations using approaches such as theory of change.

Our Commitment to Results

We are committed to delivering results that are accurate, timely and relevant. We always ensure we design studies that provide meaningful and actionable insights. We use a range of data analysis techniques to ensure that our results are robust and reliable. Our reporting of findings is always clear, accessible and audience-appropriate.

Our Philosophy

We believe in using research to make a difference in people's lives. We are committed to using rigorous research and evaluation methods and delivering high-quality results that can inform policy, practice, and decision-making. We also believe in working collaboratively with our clients to ensure that our research meets their needs.

Our Experience

Our team has extensive experience working with  a range of clients, including education providers, healthcare and wellbeing providers, and public / third sector organisations. We are familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each sector, and we tailor our research approach to meet the specific needs of each client.

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