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We can undertake research and evaluation work for managers and central administrative departments/services within HEIs. Here are some examples of how we can assist university managers in gathering information to help with the development of the student experience:

  • Design, administration, analysis and reporting of bespoke student surveys

  • Analysis of data from existing surveys, such as the National Student Survey, Student Barometer, PRES, PTES or your own surveys

  • Focus groups, interviews or mobile ethnography (where data are captured using a mobile app) with students to evaluate and explore issues around the student experience

  • Collection and analysis of in-depth data from students, such as diaries or blogs

  • Surveys of potential students, such as open day visitors

  • ‘Rejecters’ surveys—find out more about why applicants decline the offer of a place

  • Research on the experiences of specific student groups, such as international students, mature students, those with disabilities, etc.


We can also undertake research among other groups associated with your university, such as:

  • Surveys of or interviews with alumni

  • Staff satisfaction or well-being surveys

  • Evaluations of professional services within your institution

  • Research within the local community (local residents, businesses, schools, colleges, etc.) on perceptions of and relationships with your institution

We can analyse and summarise the free text responses to your NSS - click here for more info