Surveys and polls

Do you need an understanding of the views of a large number of stakeholders?

Surveys and quick polls are the ideal way to gain an understanding of the opinions and experiences of large numbers of stakeholders.


A well-designed, carefully administered online survey can elicit a wealth of data from those associated with your school, college or higher education institution. The data collected can be used to explore overall strengths and weaknesses and through deeper analysis, we can help you to identify differences between groups based on background characteristics and monitor trends over time.


For those who need insights on specific issues in a short timeframe we offer mobile or in-person polls. This allows you to canvass views on a small number of issues at short notice and provides almost instant results.

We can design or revise your survey/poll questions, build and host online surveys in the Qualtrics professional survey platform, create paper surveys, admnister surveys and polls via mobile phones, and we can undertake the analysis and reporting of your survey findings. 

Kathy was extremely helpful from the initial stages - providing advice on questions and structure of the survey and providing an interim summary on key findings whilst we waited for the final report. Seymour Research provides an excellent service which is customer focused and overall the entire process was made easy and seamless.

Nathalie Mortimer

University of Nottingham

Case study

We undertook research for a primary school in the East Midlands on two occasions. This school was performing well in terms of attainment and had an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating. The school leaders were keen to ensure that they did not become complacent and that they continued to strive to improve all aspects of the school.


On two occasions we were commissioned to undertake ‘playground polls’ to elicit the views of parents. This involved us formulating a set of three statements about the school and then setting up a polling station in the school playground at drop-off and collection time. Parents ‘voted’ by dropping a token in the relevant boxes to indicate their views on the three statements. This method meant that we captured the views of as many parents and carers as possible and that the data was gathered, analysed and interpreted in a very short timeframe. This ensured that the school received the findings quickly and were able to act on them in a timely manner. This poll was repeated two years later, allowing us to identify trends overtime. On the second occasion pupils were also included in the polling and we developed age-appropriate statements for them to respond to.


We also designed, administered and analysed a staff wellbeing survey at the same school which helped the leadership team to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the staff experience and provided an evidence base for enacting improvements to areas such as staff communications and training.

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