Student experience research

How good is the student experience you offer and how could it be improved?

From full student experience ‘health checks’ or explorations into specific aspects of the experience – our services will help you to identify the strengths of your offering and the areas for improvement to ensure that you offer the best possible student experience.


Our research can explore the academic (e.g. teaching quality, academic resources and facilities, learning support) and non-academic aspects of the experience (e.g. accommodation,  social opportunities, wellbeing support, sports activities). We can also focus on the experiences of specific groups of students to ensure that the experience is inclusive and embraces diversity.

We can use range a methods when researching the student experience (surveys and polls, focus groups and interviews, etc.). We can also help you to make sense of data you already hold (such as NSS or other student satisfaction survey results) by identifying and summarising the key messages and formulating recommendations based on your data.

We can also help with research into the perceptions and experiences of prospective students (for example, research with enquirers, open-day attendees or those who apply but decline their offer of place) and former students (through research among alumni).

Kathy and her team were very approachable, demonstrated their extensive experience of surveys and had a very good grounding in the education sector.

Sarah Fulford

University of Winchester

Case study

We undertook a broad ranging review of the student experience at a university in the West Midlands. This involved reviewing and summarising the key messages from the range of surveys recently conducted at the university (e.g. NSS, PTES and their own internal student satisfaction survey). We also undertook a series of focus groups and interviews with students and designed and administered an online student satisfaction survey and an alumni survey.


We drew together the findings from all areas of the research and provided the university with a summary report and presentation highlighting the strengths of the current student experience and the areas in which improvements could be made. The analysis methods included a segmentation which identified several distinct groups among the student population based on their views and characteristics. This in turn assisted the university in ensuring that the student experience caters to the needs of this diverse range of groups.


The research provided a comprehensive evidence base and a set of recommendations for the university to use in planning future developments and it also contributed to the Students’ Union strategic plan.

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