How welcome will your new students feel?

Welcoming your students


There's no doubt that the start of the 2020/21 academic year will look and feel unlike any other. Whatever the current Coronavirus guidance demands this year, there's one thing for certain: ensuring your students feel welcome is more important than ever.

Whether they 'arrive' virtually, or in staggered waves of in-person arrivals, they must feel that they are valued members of the institution's community from the outset. This will ensure they start to develop that all important sense of belonging which in turn can help improve student retention, academic achievement and overall satisfaction.

We offer a 'new starters' research service which will monitor and evaluate the arrival period. It can be undertaken entirely online among a panel of new students. It provides rich and varied data about how the arrival period was experienced and perceived by new students. As well as helping you plan future arrival periods, the research can highlight any issues as they happen, allowing you to take immediate action and prevent minor niggles from escalating into major sources of dissatisfaction and disengagement. Contact us today to find out more.