High levels of dissatisfaction with the remote student experience

Evaluating the remote student experience


In these times of widespread remote learning for universities it is more important than ever that the student experience is monitored and evaluated.   

The Student Covid Insights Survey conducted by the ONS found that in the autumn term 2020, nearly a third of students were dissatisfied with their academic experience and just over half were dissatisfied with their social experience.

It has never been more important to monitor and evaluate the student experience to ensure that your institution can adapt to students' needs during these difficult times.


Seymour Research can help you to do this through remote research and evaluation activities.


In the last three months alone we have helped one university to further explore areas of student dissatisfaction through a series of online focus groups and we have helped to  evaluate an online learning platform used by many universities to deliver their remote learning experience.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you monitor and evaluate the student experience during these times of remote learning.