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We provide a full range of market research and insight services. We can help you to explore and better understand the needs and perceptions of your customers / visitors / clients. This can be done using a variety of methods including focus groups, interviews, surveys, observational studies, social media analysis and the analysis of data you already hold (for example, completed comments cards, responses from surveys you have conducted yourself, usage statistics, etc.).

Leisure and tourism

We offer research services to businesses within the leisure and tourism industry, including hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, theme parks and other tourist attractions large or small.

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Property managers and estate agents

We can help those involved in property management, rentals and buying and selling to assess the views of their clients. This might involve gathering feedback from tenants, landlords, guests in holiday accommodation, or property buyers or sellers.

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Other businesses

We can also conduct market research / client satisfaction for other businesses and organisations. Whether you want to market test new services or products, or are keen to gather feedback from or insights about your existing clients, we can help.

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