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Healthcare research and evaluation


We provide a range of research services for healthcare providers including NHS trusts, private clinics and providers, Clinical Commissioning Groups, day care settings, residential homes and GP and dental surgeries.

We can help you to evaluate and monitor patients' or clients' views on your services and the ways in which services are accessed and used. We can also undertake research among carers and families of patients / service users, and among staff within your healthcare setting.

Here are some examples of how we can help you:

  • Online and paper questionnaires among service users and/or their families to gauge satisfaction with, perceptions of or methods of accessing services

  • Interviews or discussion groups with patient groups / service users to help you form an in-depth understanding of specific aspects of your services

  • Observational studies and/or video research to explore how services and facilities are accessed and used (e.g. health centres, clinics etc.)

  • Analysis and reporting of data from surveys or other research exercises that you have already conducted (e.g. patient feedback surveys or comments cards)

  • Collection and analysis of in-depth data from service users, such as diaries, blogs or social media postings

  • Exploratory research or consultations to assess the demand for new or improved service provision in your setting


We provide a bespoke research service and will listen to your needs and provide guidance and advice on the best options for your particular research problem and to suit your budget.

Well-being sector client insights


We also work with clients in the well-being sector, for example, therapists, counsellors, yoga/pilates instructors, nutritionists and dieticians, spas and beauty therapists. We can help by gathering clients' views on your services via surveys, interviews, focus groups, or by analysing feedback gathered via comments cards or other methods.

The insights provided by our research can help you in further developing your services and in monitoring client satisfaction, or in consulting about planned changes to your services.

Please contact us if you would like further information and/or a quotation.