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Make the most of your survey data with our free text comments analysis service


All too often respondents’ written answers to open-ended survey questions are neglected in favour of the tick box responses. In our experience these written comments can be extremely valuable and can provide a much deeper insight into respondents’ views than an analysis of just the tick box responses.

We offer a full analysis service of free text survey responses. This involves our experienced researchers reading all comments and then ‘coding’ them into themes and topics within NVivo software. We can then provide you with a full breakdown of the issues respondents discussed and the frequency with which they were mentioned. We can also analyse the data by background characteristics, for example, universities may wish to compare students’ views across different academic departments or courses.

While we offer this service to all clients, our free text analysis is particularly popular with higher education institutions. The service provides the perfect complement to your existing analysis of the NSS results and if required we can analyse data from previous years to identify any trends in students’ opinions. We can also analyse other student survey data such as the Barometer Survey, the Postgraduate Experience Surveys (PTES and PRES) or your own in-house student satisfaction surveys, evaluations of teaching, modules or courses, alumni surveys, etc. - anything that involves the collection of free text responses.

Please contact us for further information and to request a no obligation quotation for us to undertake this analysis for you.

We can also analyse other textual data

We can apply the same analysis techniques to almost any textual data sources, including transcripts from interviews or focus groups, social media feeds, blogs, websites, diaries and customer feedback / comments cards. Your data will be analysed by our experienced researchers - a process that involves identifying themes and topics within the data and then allocating segments of the data to each, and then we will produce a summary report and/or presentation on the findings from the analysis.